... blowing smoke

Fine and delicate hexagonal glass bowl in the style of Salviati. Handblown and molded in fiery furnaces by artisans in Murano. The neutral warm smoke color is a versatile chameleon to be used with any season or palette. This bowl is a bower of bliss for Tootie Pies and Blue Bell, fruit salads, grain bowls, chilled soups, or elevating your morning cereal. When not using the saucer, it makes a wonderful chilled side salad dish. Bowls are 5"d x 3"h and saucers are 8"d.

Part of “The Myrrh, The Merrier” collection. Set the table with matching Warm Smoke Hex Tumblers and Warm Smoke Goblets.

This item is a special order. Lead times vary.

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