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Sterling silver flatware, based on the classic French pattern from 1675 as translated by the English in 1800, for whom this pattern remained the most prominent silverware design throughout the 19th century. Handmade in Sterling by James Robinson, an American company founded in 1912, this reproduction celebrates the handsome simplicity of the fiddle design. The pistol dinner knife follows historical roots, as knives were always made by a different maker than forks and spoons. Set of 5 includes dinner fork, salad fork, table knife, table spoon, and dessert spoon. Add a soup spoon, dessert fork, and coffee spoon for an eight-piece place setting.

Part of the “Frogs In Yonder Pond” collection.

For more information on additional options and serving pieces, please contact Houses & Parties. 

This is a special order item. Lead times vary.


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