…is this thing on?

“You’re So Vain”, you probably think this cocktail napkin is about you - and it is. Your queue for karaoke is a song assigned by the luck of the draw. This stack of cocktail napkins is your party’s set list, complete with hits and deep cuts from Whitney Houston, Nancy Sinatra, Tracy Chapman, and The Notorious B.I.G.  Belt a ballad by Celine Dion or grab a partner for a darling duet of Dolly and Kenny’s “Islands In The Stream” or a Grease redux. Strip to a brassiere and sing Selena or perform your Dreams as Stevie Nicks. Straddle the mic to Tina Turner and drop it like it’s hot when your beau sings Snoop. Tequila made you do it.

Set includes 60 cocktail napkins printed with songs from all genres, sure to provoke nostalgia and laughter.

Packaged for gifting.

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