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Whether you’re decking the halls or dressing up your back porch for holiday spillover tables down south, these agave garlands are the hallmark of a fiesta. Every piece is individually made by three generations of a family of master artisans using intricate fibers from the Mexican agave plant (tequila!) The material is harvested, processed, and dyed by hand, using the same natural materials and methods from Mesoamerican times. They can be hung over a doorway, fireplace, on a holiday tree, from the chandelier, or joined together to transform your dining room into Mi Tierra for an all-out Feliz Navidad. Not only are they earth friendly, they also support sustainable harvesting practices, celebrate and preserve indigenous creative culture, and help to provide an ongoing stream of income for this dedicated group of creative makers. Solid as a set of four, one of each color.  Approximately 10’ long with strings on each end for easy fastening.

Part of the"Feliz Navidad" collection. Mix with Set of 6 Papel Picado Garlands and Giant Fiesta Fans and hang with devil may care abandon. Throw a Paper Mache Diablo Piñata into the mix.

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