... come out of your shell

Inspired by British designer Luke Edward Hall's love for Greco-Roman mythology, the Il Viaggio di Nettuno collection is a decorative ditty of seafaring deities that rewrites the codes of antiquity with liberated color and Ginori’s fine craftsmanship.

Neptune and other mythological gods, their mantles billowing in the ocean winds, adorn an extensive suite of decorative plates, placeholders, teacups, teapots, oval trays and mugs. Coral, shells, and Richard Ginori’s signature gold rim decorate almost all of the pieces, adding pattern-filled borders to the seemingly boundless whimsy of chariots pulled by seahorses or Arion, who plays a golden harp astride a dolphin. Dishwasher safe.

Houses & Parties offers a complete collection of Ginori porcelain. Contact us for more information. 

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