$88 gnome me is to love me

Gnomes are known as symbols of good luck. In folklore, they provide protection, especially of buried treasure and minerals in the ground. This charmingly illustrated book explains the life and habitat of gnomes with an in-universe spirit, much like a nonfictional, biology book would do, complete with illustrations (boobies!) and textbook notes. I somehow got my hands on this book as a child and studied it as if gnomes were real. In the book, authors Huygen and Poortvliet say they've spent at least twenty years observing gnomes, offering every aspect of these mythical creatures in detail: They are very small ("weight less than one pound and stand six inches high") and can live upwards of 400 years. The female gnome is generally smaller than her male counterpart, and her clothing is grey instead of blue. A gnome pregnancy takes 12 months, and they always have twins, who live with their parents for at least a hundred years. To know one is to love one… 224 pages with full color illustrations. 12.1”l: x 8.3”w

Pair with the coordinating Set of 4 Gnome Cocktail Napkins for a winning host gift.

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