...sow on and sow forth
You are your favorite flower shop. This tin contains three long seasons of blooms to bring joy to your garden, entry, and dining table. Your thumbs are green with these high quality, open-pollinated seeds from a sustainable, employee-owned cooperative in North Carolina made for creating bouquets of cut flowers. Imagine your neighbor's surprise when you appear as C.Z. Guest in your lawn, complete with a straw hat, wellies, and a trug full of color. Yard of the month and a dazzling table.

Each gift tin contains one packet of seeds for each of these mesmerizing flowers: Amaranth, Love Lies Bleeding; Bachelor Button, Tall Blue; Cosmos, Sensations Mix; Delphinium, Larkspur Giant Imperial Mix; Rudbeckia, Gloriosa Daisy; Nigella, Love-in-a-mist; Sunflower, Autumn Beauty; Zinnia, and California Giants Mix.

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