... play it coy

Handmade and glazed ceramic kois to be used as chopstick rests or figurines. Use with a Set of 6 Acrylic Chopsticks and proper Eastern etiquette. Chopsticks should be placed above the dinner plate, parallel to the table, with tips to the left. They may also be placed to the right of the plate with tips facing the away from the guest. Never point a chopstick! Made in France. Sold individually. 2"w x 1.25"h

Turn Old Imari Rim Soup Bowls into koi ponds by pouring soup from a Gold Teapot on top of a Ceramic Koi Chopstick Rest at the bottom of the bowl, sprinkled with Floating Lotus Leaves. Guests will clap as buoyant greens float to the top, offering glimpses of the magical carp beneath. Use a gong to signal guests that it's time to grab gold soup spoons. Your niece will call you Auntie Mame endearingly for life. 

Part of the For Goodness Sake” and "Takeout Tidings" collections. 

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