…two irons in the fire

Made in France by a historic knife-maker whose work dates back to the 18th century, the set of four includes a dinner fork, dinner knife, soup spoon, and a small demitasse spoon. This increasingly rare wood comes from snag trees (Standing dead trees) that have been left to dry in the Arizona desert heat for decades. As it ages, the wood turns reddish brown with a golden hue and beautiful veining. The wood from this very slow growing tree can be well over 100 years old. Not dishwasher safe, must be hand washed and dried.

This artisanal cutlery is recommended for adults only, as the T5MOS stainless steel knife is made like the “Knives of Pierregord”, the oldest (and sharpest) knives in France.

Part of the “Cinco De Mayo” collection. Pair with a Wafaa Tablecloth-To-The-Floor, Openwork Table Linens, and Manzoni Pietro Service Plates for your next fiesta.

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