Le Houses & Parties Bar Cloth

...beaucoup de glaçons

Your home bar on holiday. Branded jacquard linens are the iconic material culture of French dining establishments. Book your flight of fancy and bring hospitality home with our crisp version, made In France. It blushes from the compliments of alley cat Pierres, who beckon you to "Le Houses and Parties" for a tryst. Roll one up on the bar to sop up Cognac or wrap one around the neck of a bottle of Champagne. These bar cloths possess all of the qualities of authentic French bistro linens: Made in France from the sturdiest 100% commercial grade cotton with a jacquard woven satin band and Le Houses and Parties logo. Did somebody say Bar Hemingway? 

Machine wash hot. Do not bleach. Tumble dry on low heat. Iron damp if necessary.
24" x 32"

Part of the "Le Houses and Parties" collection.

Try your hand at French snobbery with this bar cloth over your arm and the matching apron around your waist. Your table wears the tablecloth as your rude American guests hide under the matching napkins. Add a Houses & Parties Porcelain Ashtray and dessert is covered. 

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