Le Houses & Parties Tablecloth

…J’ai une réservation

There’s nothing better than a luxurious linen from a French bistro. I've been slipping napkins from iconic bistros into my handbag since my first trip to Paris in junior high, each one a memento of another salty waiter and the accompanying salty beurre. Your balcony or terrace becomes the bistro with our collection of pale blush Le Houses and Parties linens. They possess all of the qualities of authentic French bistro linens: Made in France from the sturdiest 100% commercial grade cotton with a jacquard woven satin band and Le Houses and Parties logo. C'est magnifique. 

Machine wash hot. Do not bleach. Tumble dry on low heat. Iron damp if necessary.

Available in two sizes to fit most tables:
Rectangle: 73" x 140"
Square: 81" x 83"

Part of the "Le Houses and Parties" collection.

Pair this tablecloth with the matching Le Houses and Parties dinner napkin, apron, and bar cloth. Tu as une cigarette? Add a Houses & Parties Porcelain Ashtray and you're even Frencher.



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