… kit and caboodle

“Phone, credit card, keys, lipstick…” Whether sacking your sunscreen, sunnies, and AirPods for the beach or stashing unmentionables, it’s better to tote with style. This Ankara gift bag makes the perfect welcome bag for a girl’s weekend, luncheon, or out-of-town guests. Fill them with lagniappe and set them in dining chairs to surprise your guests. Chocolate Cigs and Pearl Cigarette Holders make perfect adult party favors. Or fill them with a Set of Four Ankara Cocktail Napkins and Jalapeño Hex Simple Syrup for a winning hostess gift. Whatever the reason, it’s in the bag…

7” x 7” with a drawstring closure to conceal treasure.

Made exclusively for Houses & Parties by Ankara Company located in Johannesburg, South Africa. The designs are inspired by over 100 years of African wax print tradition with a twist to incorporate modern South African aesthetics.

Part of the "For The Wayward Child" collection.

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