... ivory tower

This silver-plated display tower with 12 plates makes friandise, sushi, and canapes look covetable. In our "Haute Heartland" statement, the friandise tower presents like Frank Lloyd Wright's Price Tower towering over cropland when used with organic elements. Stand, 5.75"w x 10"h; Dish diameter, 2.25"

Part of our "Haute Heartland" collection. Modernize Tunnock's with tea or Grandmother's Divinity on table draped with a Heliotropic Quilted Tablecloth-To-The-Floor, Argent Gourmand Cake Stand, Lexington Salmon and Lexington Vert Dinnerware, Annecy Flatware, and Ted Muehling Silver Leaf Vases.

This item is a special order. Lead times vary.

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