...scooping up the field mice and bopping them on the head

Artisan paper and dip-dyed silk-ribbon crackers filled with hysterical, ice-breaking parlor games, traditional paper crowns, rainbow peppermint puffs and a mix of ostentatious costume jewelry, wearables, and other surprise entertainments. Set a beautiful table or serve them on a silver platter during dessert. Each cracker contains a prompt such as “Name your 5 biggest pet peeves in order” or “You have one day to live. What is your last supper menu?” Someone applies opera gloves as the man of the house dons red rubber fingernails.

Lose your marbles and pair the crackers with coordinating Party Hats, and Table Lampshades, Lampshades, and Cachepots.

Part of the Party Animals collection. Made to match the Le Cirque Tablecloth-to-the-Floor.

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