... not sorry to pry

Opera singer Lillian Russell, famous for her glitz, girth, and gentleman callers once publicly removed her corset to take on Gilded Age financier 'Diamond' Jim Brady for a lobster-eating competition at Café des Beaux Arts. She wagered that if she could match him course for course, he would give her a huge diamond ring the following day. That diamond became hers. Surely she did it with silver-plated lobster tongs, which were a staple for Lobster Palaces such as Rector's, Delmonico's, and Café Martin from the 1890's through 1910's. 8.5" Lead times vary. 

Set the table with a Ming Dragon Dinner Plate, Pink Bouquet Imari Accent Plate, Latticino Tumblers in Blush & Bashful, and a Latticino Bowl in Blush & Bashful for discarded shells and claws.

Part of the "Takeout Tidings" collection.  

This item is a special order. Lead times vary. 

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