...light as a feather

These wooden tumblers are pure reverie. They are made in Japan from Paulownia wood, a material with overwhelming lightness. Fifth-generation woodworkers using techniques from the studio’s Meiji period founding to achieve a lip that is only 1mm thick. The sensory experience of the ghost-like vessel heightens the enjoyment of its contents, warm or cold. Make a religious ritual of morning coffee and be still. Because I cannot sit still, I can’t wait to use them to serve Champagne and good luck on New Year’s Eve. Paulownia wood has been revered since ancient times as the tree that brings good luck and happiness, famous for being the tree where the joy-giving Phoenix perches. Colored with naturally-derived, food safe lacquer. Hand wash. 3”d x 2.75”h

For a collected effect, mix with the green version and neutral Japanese Wood Tumblers.

Part of the “For Goodness Sake” collection. Pair with a “Satsuma Tray” and greet guests in Issey Miyake.

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