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Diana Kennedy is the unquestioned authority on Mexico's authentic cuisines. For decades, she's criss-crossed Mexico, unearthing the culinary treasures of home cooks, local ingredients, and time-honored recipes that have made Mexican cuisine a global sensation. Kennedy's culinary expertise has spawned eight classic Mexican cookbooks, including the James Beard Award-winning 'Oaxaca al Gusto.' Yet, her most intimate work, ’My Mexico’ is a labor of love filled with over three hundred recipes and captivating stories that encapsulate the very soul of Mexican food culture as she has lived and breathed it. First introduced in 1998, 'My Mexico' is reborn with a fresh design and vibrant photographs, ready to guide a new generation of food enthusiasts. 472 pages. 8”l x 1.3”w x 10”h

Part of the Feliz Navidad collection. Pair with Yellow Corn Tortilla Masa and a Tortilla Maker for a winning Christmas gift - or better yet, how about a Hammered Silver Molcajete for your destination newlyweds?

Pair with other joyous offerings for the gourmand.

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