…to the manner born

You must know the rules to break the rules. Whether for a teenager or for someone who compartmentalized boarding school, this classic book is the perfect guide for  mastering the art of good table manners and being the perfect guest. ("Remember that a dinner party is not a funeral, nor has your hostess invited you because she thinks you are in dire need of food. You're there to be entertaining.”)

As if advice from the former chairman of Tiffany’s of New York, Walter Hoving, isn’t enough to learn the essentials about silverware, service, and sociability, Joe Eula’s humorous illustrations are a delightful way to learn the correct way to hold a fish fork, how to eat an artichoke properly, and best of all, how to be a gracious dining companion. A perfect stocking stuffer for the one who might not self-identify as someone in need of social grace.

Our exclusive version of this iconic title is wrapped in blind-embossed natural Vachetta leather with 96 rouge-edged, Smyth-sewn pages. How’s that for gilding the lily?

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