…stir things up

We shop, we shoot, we tweed, we weed. For elevensies, but at five. The best part of country sports (done the Queen’s way) is the wardrobe. Say yes to this year’s fox hunt and invite your pack, changing your gate to read Sandringham Estate, if only for the weekend. Pair this felted wool bowler with your Purdey & Sons for an outdoor picnic with the ladies, where lunch is Tito’s and chatter is replaced with a reading of Barbara Pym’s “Excellent Women”. The leather band is fashioned as a sinuous ribbon that holds an airplane bottle of Tito’s, a can of fever tree, and the included bar essentials: cocktail stirrer, strainer, and jigger. Star as Clothilde in your own vintage Ralph Lauren ad and dress your tailgate in tartan for a pop-up bar.

Buy two or your daughter will steal yours and take it back to wear on campus, paired with her vodka-slicked (matching) olive Barbour jacket.  

All hats and headbands are final sale.

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