…a total catch

Petrossian is the perfect plan. Presenting our artisanal twisted glass caviar service, handblown by Tracy Glover in her Rhode Island studio. This is all you need. A set designed for serving and chilling caviar and all the accoutrement. This full service includes the Caviar Service, Blini Dish, and Crème Fraîche Plate.

Available in Blush, Gold, Chartreuse, and Turquoise.

Caviar Service: 5.5”d x 4.7”h
Blini Dish: 3.25”d x 2”h

Crème Fraîche Plate: 7”

Pair with a Set of 4 Twist Vodka Glasses and a Set of 4 Handblown Caviar Paddles or Set of 4 Mother of Pearl Plates & Spoons, sold separately.

Part of the  "Dinner With A Twist"  collection.


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