…Nemo me impune lacessit

Snails and insects find a world of wonder in thistles and leaves. Just like Queen Elizabeth is sovereign of the Order of the Thistle, your table will be crowned royal when set with these fine porcelain plates, evocative of wild fairytale foliage from behind the castle wall. Host a night for your knights and hold court with your best courtesans. Your hostess uniform is a Vampire’s Wife dress and a Princess Hennin Crown. Hand-painted by Anna Weatherley’s skilled artisans in Hungary with 24k gold accents. Dishwasher safe. 10.5”

Part of the “A Royal Affair” collection. Get the full look with Caton Water Goblets, Royal Latticino Tumblers, a Lilac Jacquard Tablecloth-To-The-Floor, and Coral & Chartreuse Jacquard Dinner Napkins.


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