... burning desire

A powdered peek at mother in Mabe pearls as you guide her into slingbacks that later click to Sister Sledge. Suffused in silk faille and whirling spritzes of tea roses and sandalwood, she’s zipped up by the musk of your father, who was just downstairs flirting with the babysitter. Staining your cheek with a “be good” kiss, mother sways her Leiber. Trident, cigarettes, and lipstick waft from inside like a censer at church you’ll miss tomorrow.

Glamorous silver glass vessels come in boxes wrapped with our signature artisan marble paper and crowned with a sumptuous blush tassel. Candles come in boxes wrapped with artisan hand-marbled paper, crowned with a sumptuous red tassel. Stack with a Lexington Bread-and-Butter Plate and give it a light. Read included instructions carefully. 8oz.

Part of the "At The Carlyle" collection. 

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