...glow a little glow

These porcelain bisque votives are sculpted and pierced by hand in Dordogne, at the crossroads of three villages labeled the most beautiful villages in France (Monflanquin-Villeréal-Monpazier). Candlelight flickers from the delicate perforated patterns, casting wonderful light and shadow on the table. C'est magnifique.  3.25"d x 3.75”h           

The geometric patterns remind me of constellations and snowflakes. They also have the uncanny language of Japanese ornament, so I’ve used them in our “For Goodness Sake” collection, which evokes the stillness and of winter in the Northern Prefectures. They are magical with our Osode Tablecloth-To-The-Floor, but would also dazzle in the center of a table set with white Openwork Table Linens. Kids call it quiet luxury.

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