You Don’t Have to Make it to Make it Happen

I think that all of the below resources do their thing, better than you.  And, they all ship nationwide.

Call florist to do the flowers but make sure they use your beautiful vases. Nothing worse than a cheap glass vase, except multiples of cheap glass vases. These (product link) are smart options for large vases to hold luscious arrangements in the entry, on a bar or buffet.  You can also use your Bohemian glass pitchers and  silver Deco ice buckets. The Murano glass tumblers (product link) are perfect in odd numbers on a table. Good things have multiple uses.

Kalapana Tropicals has the most beautiful exotic orchids in all sizes. I love their yellow lady slippers. Be sure to order sheet moss to cover the top of the pots. These are elegant and unexpected in our Murano glass ice buckets (product link) and … they last.

Milton at NY Topiary will ship their tidy myrtle topiaries to line up like soldiers down your table. These are handsome in pairs on a console and come potted in rustic terra cotta pots - Bunny? Mrs. Mellon?

Put our cheese straws and Heaton’s salted pecans in pretty bowls and silver juleps instead of assembled and complicated bites. They’re a great way to show off your pretty vessels, can sit out without spoiling and the salty treats encourage everyone’s bottom up.

Callie’s Ham biscuits are better than anything you’ll ever bake. Let someone else serve drinks, you get to pass these sussies on a silver tray (product link). You’re free! Float around the room and avoid obligatory party talk.

Kelly’s Katch Caviar from Tennessee is a great party trick. It’s delicious and reasonable enough to serve piles and piles. Serve in our glass caviar bowl (product link) with blini and potato chips during cocktails. Or pile on a baked and buttered potato. Toss a herby green salad (I like this recipe from Via Carota) and you have an impressive menu.

Why would anyone fry their own chicken when Postmates delivers Kentucky Fried Chicken? Channel Julia Reed (you’re winning already) and serve it with good dry champagne. Biscuits go in these vintage silver baskets. Best all around.

It’s a brownie and it’s ganache.  It’s Miles of Chocolate. The chocolate brick with salty crusty corners and a decadent truffle like center will make your guests moan. They’ll smile with chocolate smeared on their teeth and write love letters on Sunday morning.  Chef Miles Compton is from my hometown. He ships these treasures all around the US from his kitchen in Austin, TX.

Caroline’s Cakes in Charleston, SC makes a 7-layer Caramel Cake that is an occasion in the little red round tin. Decorate it with sugared mice for Christmas and these insanely tall candles for birthdays. Oprah loves it, me too.