...stroke of genius

Hand-painted and traditionally crafted in an artisanal workshop in Arezzo, the spirited brushstrokes on this porcelain salad plate give a youthful twist to classic china. They look like they were painted by a paintbrush dangling from a beatnik's mouth, but the riot of color sits on your table in elegant form, accented with gold turned manually in a skilled process handed down by generations of the family-owned studio. Each piece is a unique masterpiece, with fateful variation. 8.5"d

Part of the “Eggleston Cabaret” and "Dinner With A Twist" collections. Pair with the coordinating Tureen D'ArtEggleston Goldenrod Dinner Napkins and an Eggleston Cabaret Tablecloth-To-The-Floor for a screaming blast. 

This item is a special order. Lead times vary. 

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