...scooping up the field mice and bopping them on the head

Artisan paper and dip-dyed silk-ribbon crackers filled with parlor games, paper crowns, ostentatious costume jewelry, temporary tattoos, plumping lip gloss, violet mints, and anis candy. Each contains a prompt such as “Choose someone for a 90's catwalk duel” or “You're starting an MLM scheme selling organic botox. Choose your VP to give the pitch.” Use the included inflatable microphone when asked, "You're an exotic dancer. What's your signature song?” Just as it’s hard to perform “Brass In Pocket” without pants, it’s not a party without marbled party crackers.

Part of “The Myrrh, The Merrier”"Dinner With A Twist" and “A Royal Affair” collections. Pair with coordinating Cachepots and  Table Lamp Shades for the full effect.

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