... this little light of mine

Flower children (blumenkind) with lanterns are the traditional herald of St. Martin's Day, a feast day on the first natural day of winter celebrating the end of the agrarian year. Saint Martin was known as friend of the children and patron of the poor. On November 11, children in Rhineland and Germany carry candle-lit lanterns and sing 'lantern songs' in the procession. Let the festival of light find your table with this pair of figurines. Sing from Caroling Songbooks in celebration of your favorite saints (like Yves Saint Laurent!) Made in Germany. 2" tall.

Part of the "Merry Muscaria" collection. Let them play hide-and-seek beneath flower arrangements in Gold Twist Goblets and Myrtlewood Garden Trugs. Use them year round to top cakes or bring warmth to the unexpected places in your morning routine at home.

Build your collection and make new traditions with a Set of 3 German Children Figurines and a Donsy of Gnomes.

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