...feast your eyes

Cortney Burns, inspiring chef of The Mayflower Inn & Spa in Washington, Connecticut is a chef, award-winning author, and tastemaker who shares 125 nourishing recipes in chapters arranged by element - water, fire, earth, air, and aether. The water chapter explores soups and stews, while the fire chapter delves into cooking meat over heat and the earth chapter takes a deep dive into vegetables. The aether chapter contains tonics, spirits, and other great-for-you drinks, dips, nibbles, and stocks. There’s a larder section of several dozen building-block recipes: simple sauces, infused vinegars, toasted seed mixtures, and pickles that enliven any dish, from a baked sweet potato to a bowl of sliced cucumbers.

This book provides a springboard for home cooks to bring all of their life experiences to their cooking. We tear up roots. We reroot. We turn to the stove. We nourish ourselves home.

304 pages.

Part of the "Dinner For Two At The Mayflower" collection.


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