…playing with fire

A concrete personal toasting station for marshmallow toasting or mood lighting. Gather friends at the table with a line of these and a table set with Marshmallow Toasting Sticks and bowls of every topping you can raid from the confections aisle at the grocery store. Or upgrade your Adirondacks and lay low around the fire on Ankara Floor Cushions. This is your next party.

Use the isopropyl rubbing alcohol you stockpiled during the high pandemic, strike a match, and you have a new flame! 5 ounces of rubbing alcohol produces 50 minutes of burn time. Take a deep breath—the fire burns clean, only creating soot where the flame touches. It will never dirty your ceiling. Food safe. Felt on the table to protect surfaces. 
5”d x 4”h

A few words of wisdom, camp counselor style:  Always wait 15 minutes between refueling and ensure previous fire is snuffed out before doing so. Recommended for use in a ventilated area, larger than 300 square feet. Never leave fire burning unattended.

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