... miles and miles of Texas

Heaven on earth is a big block of brownie from Miles of Chocolate in Austin, Texas. While it may look simple to the naked eye, the baked wonder is a lovechild of a brownie and truffle dreamt up by chef Miles Compton. It has a rich, gooey center surrounded by crisp brownie with an occasional crunch. Your taste buds will tingle for the wild ride of texture and flavor. Don't do too much to this perfect brownie. Add berries or go (even more) Texan and serve it up with Blue Bell in a Latticino Bowl. I also love presenting it on a Round Wood Cutting Block with a Stacked Knife so guests can pretend to have control. This is a sweet, sweet fantasy, baby!

Sold by the 4.5lb block, which stores in the freezer until it's ready to eat. Feeds 12.

Miles of Chocolate is shipped FedEx Overnight Priority one to three days after the order is placed. Store in freezer promptly after delivery. Houses & Parties is not responsible for damages after delivery. Please contact us with any questions.

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