Chinese New Year Party for 24

…life is a banquet

Houses and Parties transforms your local Chinese restaurant (with the most vintage appeal!) into a Chinese New Year celebration for 24. You will make your grand entrance into the Year of the Tiger on stilts, wearing an Auntie Mame Headband with tassels that sway as you greet your guests. Dinner will be served on Meissen and Royal Crown Derby fine china under the glow of silk lanterns that illuminate cascading flowers, 24-karat rice spoons, and lobster towers fit for Dali’s “Les Diners De Gala”. A master-trained Guzheng player will pluck pop songs during Peking duck until dessert concludes in a spectacular 80-foot Dragon Dance, led by 15 traditional dancers that ambulate the room and weave through tables to the sound of drums. The dragon’s snort will lead to an afterparty in the restaurant bar, where dancing is encouraged. Guests will leave with custom fortunes full of advice you have written for them. Your fortune will be the suite of dinnerware and lagniappe from our “Takeout Tidings" collection to keep, treasure, and recreate this party each year. 

This offering includes dinner for 24 at a local (U.S.) Chinese restaurant, stilt walking lessons, an Auntie Mame Headband, 24 Place Settings of fine china, (3 Takeout Tidings Tables for 8), environmental decor (figurines, lanterns, gold floral picks, etc.), roses from Rose Story Farm, 3 lobster towers, a guzheng player, 24 giant fortune cookies with custom fortunes, 24 pearl ring cigarette holders, and 24 chocolate cigs. 

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