…if ifs and ands were pots and pans

Use this set of stainless steel miniature pans to put pesky charcuterie influencers to shame with a laid back apéritif dînatoire. Have sangfroid. No veg-cluttered, Saran-wrapped kitchen islands. Use the bucket to showcase breadsticks, asparagus and other crudité next to a Large Round Cutting Block. Line any of these brass-handled, vintage-finished pans with our Printed Serving Papers to serve up chips, French fries, madeleines or beignets. Get personal and use these functional beauties for shared Brussels sprouts and fried goat cheese between couples or individual servings of lavender brûlée. Anything can happen. Oven safe up 250°C / 480°F. Hand wash only. Sold individually.

Please note that these presentation vessels may develop a patina from heat over time, which only adds to their character on the table.

Oval: 7.3”l x 5.3"w x 1.3”h
Bucket: 3.5”d x 3.75”h
Square: 4.3”l x 4.3”w x 1.7”h

Part of the "Dinner For Two At The Mayflower" and “Provincial Provençal collections.

The oval pan will be restocked in mid-March. 


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