... upon the highest bough

Cranberries became part of the tradition of popcorn garland making when they were used in Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the 1800's due to their long shelf life. And now, thanks to plastic, these ingenious 6' artificial popcorn and cranberry garlands will last an infinite many of "Centennial Chic" Christmases. Weave heaps of them between Holiday Cachepots on your dinner table. Kid-proofing and style mingle when these garlands are strung on trees and woven into fragrant live pine garlands. By golly, make Santa jolly by fashioning one into a stringy halter top to wear with a Giant Gift Bow Headband!

Part of the "Merry Muscaria" and the "Angels on a Sugar High" collections. Pair with Duke of Gloucester Dinnerware, Caton stems, Green Floral Dinner Napkins, Green Stripe Placemats, and Stick Candles to get the Houses & Parties spin on vintage tablescapes from Southern Living and House & Garden.

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