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Linda Rodstadt’s Jalisco skirt now trims your tree, complete with jute fringe for flair and joyfully bright waves of color to guide Santo Clós to his drop-off. Fits most live and artificial trees.

The skirt is handmade with wrapped-button closures using fabric from Tulu Textiles, which is helmed by the talented Elizabeth Hewitt, who lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. Elizabeth is a natural-born storyteller, and her fabrics are visual versions of stories told over one or ten cocktails. Tulu’s fabrics are hand printed by master printers in Rajasthan. This one is a 50/50 Cotton-Linen blend natural beauty. 72”d

Part of the “Feliz Navidad” collection. Pair with a Set of 4 Handmade Agave Garlands and you’ve decked the halls.


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