... Ginger Spice

Generously sized dinner napkins are hand-cut, sewn and dyed by skilled craftsmen from the Veneto region of Italy, which explains the fliration of fringe in the lap. Bind tassels with neutral rubber band prior to washing. Machine wash cold with a gentle detergent, tumble dry on low and remove promptly from dryer after cycle. 21.6" "lapkin" size.

Lead times vary. 

Part of the "Haute Heartland" Collection. Pair with Heliotropic Quilted Tablecloth-To-The-Floor, English Rush Placemats, Annecy Flatware, Lexington Vert Dinner Plates, Lexington Salmon Bread-and-Butter PlatesIndian Summer Accent Plates, Gold Twist Goblets, Gold Twist Bowls, and Sterling Champagne Tumblers.

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