...glow a little glow

Create an enchanting approach for your guests with a lane of luminarias from the sidewalk to your door or get the whole block involved. These ivory linen luminarias are elevated versions of the paper farolitos that lined our cul-de-sac in Corpus Christi, Texas to our childlike wonder when we were growing up. Traditionally, in Mexico and places near the border like my hometown or Santa Fe, these luminaries are set out to symbolically guide the Holy Family on their journey. They symbolize the early days of Las Posadas, where these travelers were guided by the light of small fires burning in the patios of homes and churches of Mexico. Bring them home and place rows along walls, roofs, and walkways in place of this year’s LED offensive. The result is simply magic.

The set includes 10 linen luminaries, each 6”w x 9”h. Use with battery-operated tea-lights. If using a real flame, at your own risk, use sand to anchor votives with glass and never leave them unattended.

Part of the “Feliz Navidad” collection.

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