…golden hour

Your table is a work of art with these William Eggleston drawings come to life on linen. This riotous jungle of liberated gesture and color is part of a large collection of drawings William’s daughter Andra Eggleston unearthed during a visit to see him in Memphis. Andra, a Nashville-based textile designer and owner of the print design brand Electra Eggleston, worked with her father to structure repeats from his uncovered drawings, a medium and artistic legacy far longer than William’s career as an iconic photographer. All linens are digitally printed in Monroe, North Carolina on 100% Belgian linen/ As southern relations would have it, this father-daughter project now includes a distant cousin (me!), with the launch of this exclusive Electra Eggleston collection for Houses and Parties, cut from the same cloth. The print is the party. 6”w x 4.5"h 

Made to fit our Table Lamp Bases, sold separately. 

Use with a battery-operated tea light. 

Part of the “Eggleston Cabaret” collection. Pair with tablecloth with matching Eggleston Goldenrod Dinner Napkins and a Eggleston Cabaret Tablecloth-To-The-Floor.

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