Lobster Figurines

... just add butter

Don't die for want of lobster sauce. A pod of merrymaking lobsters have inched and pinched their way to the table. Use these porcelain pretties on table for lagniappe and whimsy! You'll find which guest has a hysterical lobster story. There's one in every bunch! When not employed for dinner service, perch prawns on the kitchen window to incite a tipsy Annie Hall moment while washing. “Come on, Alvy, they're only baby ones, for God's sake.” Handmade and hand-painted in Hungary by Herend's master artisans. 24k gold accents. Features signature fishnet pattern. 

Styled on Gold Kale Leaves and Ming Dragon Dinner Plates. A Fringed Tablecloth hosts them all!

Part of the "Takeout Tidings" collection.  


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