…two little eyes, one and two

With a silk dupioni ribbon around its neck, we’re tempted to assume he’s French and call him Escargot - but we’ll leave any fables to the discretion of the parents who find the perfect place for him in a Woven Easter Basket as a cautionary tale of sluggish sugar lows or as lagniappe on a dinner table in numbers, creeping under low slung tulips and gliding through forests of hyacinth. How about a cheeky encouragement for a friend in a situation where they need a backbone? Either way, he’s ready for gifting with a heavy stock tag engraved with a fitting nursery rhyme. 8"l x 3.75”w x 6.25”h

Collect a menagerie of Nursery Rhyme Stuffed Animals or pair with other joyous offerings "For Your Easter Basket" and "For Easter Morning."

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