…a total catch

There's always reason to celebrate with caviar. Presenting our artisanal twisted glass caviar service, handblown by Tracy Glover in her Rhode Island studio. This is all you need. A set designed for serving and chilling caviar and all the accoutrement. This full service includes the Caviar Service, Blini Dish, and Crème Fraîche Plate.

Pair with a matching Large Twist Bowl, filled with Lay's potato chips (pick out the imperfections.)

Make it a party, with a Set of 4 Twist Vodka Glasses and a Set of 4 Handblown Caviar Paddles or Set of 4 Mother of Pearl Plates & Spoons - sold separately.

Available in Blush, Gold, Chartreuse, and Turquoise and Clear.

Caviar Service: 5.5”d x 4.7”h
Blini Dish: 3.25”d x 2”h

Crème Fraîche Plate: 7”

Part of the  "Dinner With A Twist"  and "Tracy Glover" collection.  

Also available in a grand size, for serving 20 guests with cocktails.


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