Overqualified Holiday Nanny

just a spoonful of sugar

A dream nanny is at your disposal for two weeks leading up to Christmas. She speaks four languages, has a masters degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education with a concentration on early childhood development, and is certified in CPR. Your personal Poppins wrote her thesis The Health Effects of Screen Time on Children and has read all of Malcolm Gladwell’s books. She will guide the children through the Master Chef Junior Cookbook and pack bento boxes so precious your little darlings will be begging for healthy food long after she’s gone. Services begin promptly at 7:00am, last through the witching hour, longer for parties. Her bedtime stories and character accents are their own treasure. She wears a custom uniform that includes an Organdy Apron and a Gift Bow Headband. The gift you gift yourself comes with a car and driver dressed as Santa.

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