$62 the chimney with care

When out on the lawn there arises such a clatter, you’ll know it’s just sugar-fueled fun from these packages… and hearts racing with a patter. Skip the frantic last-minute shopping - we have your Christmas morning covered with a big bag of sugar to fill a stocking with everything your children need to have a saccharine screaming blast and thank an old man who did nothing. The package includes a nostalgic assortment of festive peppermint hard candy, chocolate Band-Aids, old-fashioned saltwater taffy, 3 Goo Goo clusters, a giant lollipop, movie theater Bazooka gum, chocolate golden coins, the biggest Tootsie Roll you’ve ever seen, and a Christmas tin of Hammond’s hard candy.  We also included a huge pack of Andes chocolate mints for you to steal back and put in the freezer for apres-yule enjoyment. Packaged for gifting and tied with a thick red French grosgrain ribbon. A giant heavy stock tag is calligraphed with “Visions of sugarplums danced in their heads.”

Pair with other joyous offerings for the stocking.

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