...let your hair down

Your vanity is your sanctuary with a Mason Pearson hairbrush in hand. This elegant, classically British, WASP-favored brush was once your parents’ tool to yield. Now it’s yours. This “Popular Mix” Mason Pearson brush features a mix of boar bristles to polish the hair cuticle, longer spired nylon filaments to collect and distribute natural oils that add body and shine, and the iconic orange cushioned pad, which looks attractive on your countertop but also helps the brush pneumatically adjust to the your scalp, for comfort as you brush. Mason Pearson brushes are still made to their original 1800’s design, using modern materials. 9”

Also available for children (or adults), in pink. 

For a wild hair gift, pair this with a Higher The Hair Ornament or a Set of 4 Big Hair Cocktail Napkins with a note, “For your dresser…”

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